Supercard mini sd white screen problem. Please help!

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    Feb 19, 2013
    Hey Everybody! I've had my supercard mini sd since summer of 2012. Back when I bought it, everything seemed fine till 7 months since then, it gave me this issue, where when I turn it on, it'll show the menu for a millisecond till it'd turn white and stay like that. Since then, I thought it broke and just put it away through all these years, till recently, I found it again and decided to re-download the firmware and a rom( using the software of course) to see if it'd work again, which to my disappointment, did the same ordeal. I'm just making this post to see if this issue is common and if my supercard mini SD is really broken. A response would be greatly appreciated :)

    P.S. if my colour picture of the situation isn't enough for you to suggest me a solution, I'd be more than glad to record it and show you what exactly happens, it's not a problem!