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    [​IMG] The Super Card mini-SD-Adapter and SuperKey, buy both and Save!

    Quality, performance, and size just got better. The Super Card mini-SD Adapter can be run on a Nintendo DS(L), GBA, GBASP and GBM. It has the appearance of the regular GBA cartridge, with a slot for Mini-SD card. The amount of storage the SuperCard contains via Mini-SD flash depends on your card. Mini-SD memory is relatively cheap and is normally used for equipment like digital cameras, but now you can use your Mini-SD memory card for your Gameboy Advance SP, Gameboy Micro, and Nintendo DS Lite!

    The Super Card mini-SD Adapter allows for more than just gaming. Now you can use watch movies, play music, browse pictures, read E-Books and more!

    NDS SuperKey

    The perfect solution for accessing DS media from any GBA flash card storage device.

    Compatible with most types of flash card
    Support NDS & NDSLite
    Same size with the NDS game card
    Ease of use
    Use home brew GBA software on your DS & DS Lite

    This product is for the use as developing tools, third party shareware programs and personal backups of legally purchased programs only. We do not take responsibility for any use outside of these parameters or where the use of such a device is illegal in his/her country/region.

    Supercard Mini-SD version For NDS, GBA,GBASP, GBM

    Super Card is a miniature mobile GBA(SP) file Manager and Bakup device. Fore backuping files it uses Mini-SD. It will allow you to run a variety of software, Play Game, Watch movie, E-book, Music and Photo albums.


    Game save file store in SD card. Can save game into SD card at any time. Never losing game save. Without game save space limit
    Plays movies, music, FC games and e-books on your GBA or Nintendo DS
    This product is not licensed, endorsed or sponsored by Nintendo
    Support Real Time Save

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

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