1. l0c4lh0st

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    Sep 22, 2007
    United States
    Hi all.

    I recently bought a Supercard MicroSD for the GBA.

    It's a purple GBA flashcartridge which can hold MiniSD cards. I put a microSD (2 GB, FAT formatted) in a microSD to miniSD adapter. I put some ROMs on it. Out of the 7 ROMs, 7 wouldn't work. [​IMG]

    Then I tried patching with the Supercard software. Still, the ROMs wouldn't work, except for Super Mario Advance 2: Mario World. Which is running fine, though it does have slowdowns and a few glitches.
    Does anyone have a link to a guide on what exactly to do to get GBA stuff working on the Supercard miniSD? That would be really nice.

    Also, I want to backup the saves from my original GBA games. So I figured I'd use WRG Dumper v1.4. Again, white screen. I think the problems are related to eachother. What am I doing wrong?

    Oh. I am playing it on a DS. Haven't tried with a real GBA yet. Will do that soon, though I think I will have the same problem. So I am not using a PassMe or FlashMe or Pass Key or whatever. Only the Supercard Mini in the GBA slot of a Nintendo DS Lite.

    I hope I hove provided enough information, if not please ask. [​IMG]
  2. DanTheManMS

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    Jun 2, 2007
    United States
    If you downloaded the updated software without upgrading the Supercard's firmware as well, that's probably the issue. Hold L+R upon bootup and press A a few times. Do you get any errors aside from the harmless "not find test file" error? What firmware version does it say it's currently using? And what version of the patcher software are you using?

    WRG Dumper won't help you with your GBA saves. For that you'd like Chishm's cart_save program, though you'll need to be tricky with re-inserting the Supercard without making the DS reset.

    EDIT: Isn't WRG Dumper a DS program? Of course it won't run in GBA mode in that case. Make sure you're only trying to run programs made for the GBA, as you'd need a NoPass to run DS programs. Don't be fooled by *.ds.gba files which are actually DS binaries.
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