supercard/m3 vet looking at ezf-4

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    Sep 6, 2005
    I've used a large variety of flash cards and have fallen in love with the idea of bulk storage. My supercard was long retired for my m3, and m3mini, but now I'm starting to fall out of love with my m3s, and am finally paying attention to all the good I've been hearing about ez-flash IV.

    M3 gripes:
    1 mb saves
    game manager breaks *many* games even when set to minimal. (card loading is now manual for me)
    rtc is too big of a pain to bother calling it a feature.
    card compatibility issues are plaguing my m3 units, and have robbed me of media playing features.

    is ez-f 4:
    easy and fast to load without breaking roms?
    does it support any kind of rom compression or bulk rom trimming?
    saves are a reasonable size? (not 1mb)
    compatibility 99.99% and without slowdown?
    can I load roms without patching and will they create saves as needed?

    for its price it seems a bargain, and I have been happy with their 3-in-1 for my nds. But now I think it's time for my micro to get an upgrade.