SuperCard, G6 and EWIN Slot 1 Device News!

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    SuperCard, G6 and EWIN Slot 1 Device News!

    I am not sure if my translation is correct but I tried over 4 different website translators and none worked correctly. It looks as if SuperCard, G6, and EWIN flashcart manufacturers are going to announce, or have announced, new Slot 1 devices. My source is yyjoy and they are a Chinese website so I may not be 100% correct. It looks as if they are calling the new devices the G6 DS, SuperCard DS, and EWIN3.

    In G6 news it seems that the new product will not have built-in memory but rather microSD support. Also they don’t expect a release for at least a few more months but its expected to be very cheap when once its released.

    It also seems that the SuperCard team has been working on their version of a Slot 1 device for some time now but it’s not quite done. They also go on to say that the SuperCard team is confident of their products and that they are going to put pressure on the other manufacturers with this new device.

    And finally the EWIN3 will come in two versions with one having microSD support and the other having built-in memory. The EWIN3 with built-in memory will support clean ROMs while the microSD version will require patching much like the DSLink. The EWIN3 price is still unknown.

    Also mentioned were that a fake SuperKey is now on the market (with pictures on the website) and that the M3 Pro will be shipping tomorrow for sale.

    At this time this is all speculation and may even be a bad translation but I guess we shall find out soon enough!



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    you are right.
    ewin will develop a gba cart, a rumble cart and a internet explore card to support ewin3.

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    I just read it, for the g6 it says it uses ASIC chipset, small NDS slot 1 size, won't be out for 1-2 months, and not clear either it uses internal memory or transflash...the stuff about supercard and ewin3 is as you guys have mentioned earlier.

    P.S. I really wish it was in traditional chinese instead of simplified, only way I could decipher simplified (takes me some time) is because I make frequent business trips there.