Supercard DSTWO won't play DSi roms

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    May 18, 2010
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    So i've got several DS roms, around 7 to be exact and not one of them has played yet. Got my card updated and using the latest stuff, but no dice. When I open the file, the screen simply goes white and nothing.....I don't know wth to do with it. I've searched the forums for a couple of hours and didn't find anything that looked like a good fix. I've formatted the flash drive with panasonic's drive flasher utility...still...nothing. [​IMG] SO if anyone's got any direction other than get a new flash drive then please do let me know. thx!

    Realize i didn't post in the correct forum. If a moderator wants to move this post or axe it , go for it.
    Didn't mean DSi roms, I meant DS roms. Anyhow, problem solved. All my problems stemmed from the 2GB MicroSD card I was using. It must've been absolute garbage. Bought a new one and haven't had a problem with it yet.