Supercard DSTWO And 3DS Game Hacking In General:

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    Dec 28, 2011
    Now, I'm sorry if I've made this in the wrong place, but I have somewhere to be soon and I figured this is the place to post. I'm writing this now in hope that I'll come home to a thread full of the answers I'm looking for. I'm a new DS user in general, getting my first one a month ago (the limited edition Zelda 3DS, fantastic). Of course, I've always known you can 'hack' DS consoles. All the asians at my school used to do it, sitting around eating fried rice and playing Bleach against eachother - seriously. They didn't pay for any of their games, fuck no. This was back on just DS lites or whatever. Anyway, I'm trailing on; I bought myself a Supercard DSTWO. I've followed the simple instructions, putting their OS into the microSD, and it seems to work, as there is a game that shows up when I turn on my ds (Alex Rider - I don't have this game, it shows up as 'file not found' when I play it). I remember reading it does that to make it look like a legit game, not a flashcart. Moving on;

    There is nothing I can find that tells me what to do next. There's nothing specific on the supercard website and I must be a terrible googler, for I have found nothing of help. I just want to put games on here now. I want to find up titles, get them, put them on my microSD card and play them. I read that 3DS games can't be hacked yet, but viewing one thread (this thread), I'm now confused - can they? Regardless, even if I can only get DS games, that is fine. I just need some direction.

    Also, there was already a 2gb Toshiba SD card in my DS. I didn't know that but, obviously, my 3DS was saving somewhere to begin with (didn't think about it). Now that I have my DSTWO with it's 16gb microSD card in it, where do my games save? Do you choose where upon trying to save in-game? I've only played like 2 hours on my DS (the game being OoT). I would say I'm fairly fuckin clueless.

    The DSTWO manual also says to press L + R + START to trigger the DSTWO menu (their tiny manual is very brief). I presume this can only happen in-game, because it won't work at my menu. The problem is, I need to get a game onto my DSTWO flashcart to begin with. Even then, what if I'm playing a game cartridge (say, Zelda) and I want to use the features of my card.. how? Since the cartridge is in, obviously, I can't have my DSTWO flashcart in.

    As you can see, I've turned this into rocket science. Either there's as little information/direction as I think there is or I really overcomplicate things.

    Any help would be greatfully appreciated. I paid $100 for this fucker ay. Thanks in advance.
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    First of all... You got ripped the hell off for your super card. It runs for about 30... 50 at max.
    Secondly no cartrige games ATM save tHe data to your sd card (minus the extra data needed for street pass) they are saved to the cartridge itself.
    Third all the games you play are the super card are saved on the 16 gb mem card you put in it. The card needs to be formatted to fat32 and needs the is files which can be found with a quick search on
    Fourth we cannot tell you where to find "roms" for your super card. It's against gbatemps tos which should be fresh on your mind as it seems you just joined. All I can really say is that roms are the games.
    Fifth that "Alex rider stormbreaker" icon is the super card. The error you get after opening it says that you didn't put all the necessary is files on your sd.
    Lastly could you tone it down on the cursing plox?

    Oh and before I forget. Your game legend of Zelda oot will not act like your super card and vise versa. You need to put the super card in when you want to play games you pirate.
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    3DS ROMs cannot be played on any released flash cart. Just because the dumps exist doesn't mean they can be played.

    As for finding DS ROMs, no links here. Google. Once you've found, downloaded, and unzipped (or unrar'd or whatever), plase the "Whatever.nds" file on your microSD somewhere. Then choose the "DS_Game" option when you run the DSTwo, and browse to your file and run it to start the game.

    Games on a flash cart save to the MicroSD (since DS games save internally).

    And yes, that's how you get to the DSTwo menu from in a game, so you can stop and play another game without resetting your system, or toggle cheats and slow-motion and shit.

    You can't use the DSTwo's features on a real game cart. They're for use with ROMs that are running on the DSTwo.

    Since you're asking for help with the DSTwo, you should be in the DSTwo section... that has all the info you need, not this section.

    DS - Flash Carts - Supercard

    There's a beginner's guide and skins and all sorts of fun shit there for you.
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    also you can look on yout tube for a video tutorial maybe
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