Supercard DSONE SDHC & Source Code relesed for Slo

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    Taken from
    SuperCard DSONE(SDHC) Released

    SuperCard DSONE(SDHC) has the same function as old DSONE, it support both MicroSD/TFlash and SDHC MicroSD/TFlash.

    Main Feature:

    # Completely plug & play - no FlashMe, PassMe or PC software required
    # 100% game compatibility, supports clean ROM's - works on any OS
    # Uses MicroSD card, both FAT16 and FAT32 supported
    # Supports the MicroSDHC specification, allowing for high capacity memory cards
    # Compatible with ALL speed flash memory card.
    # Hardware save, multi-save support.
    # Save directly to MicroSD rather than onboard flash.
    # Support RESET, Realtime Cheat Code and Realtime Game Guide.
    # Micro firmware designed. Upgradable Operation System with powerful function and friendly GUI
    # Support MP3, Movie, TXT and view PIC directly.

    And Source Codes

    SuperCard I/O Source Code(for homebrew programmer)

    Slot 2 SuperCard I/O Source Code. (Slot 2 SuperCard Series)

    Slot 1 SuperCard DS(ONE)I/O Source Code. (Slot 1 SuperCard Series)
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