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    Mar 12, 2008
    - Introduction


    This is my first review in which i shall be reviewing the supercard DSone flash cart

    - Packaging

    The packaging in the supercard is fairly good, included is the cart itself, a USB microsd adapter, an instruction card (rubbish), and a CD (not really needed)

    although the CD and the instruction manual are not really needed they are still helpful for those who have never owned a flash card.
    the case is a nice hard one and displays a fairly good looking cover.

    - Software

    moonshell is built in so videos, music. pictures and text can be easily read without fiddling about with extra files although you do need to copy over some software on first usage, built in DLDL is a nice add-on.
    obviously upgrades for the firmware will be released but they are not 100% necassary (I got mine just after christmas and have not bothered to do it yet!)

    - Performance

    the performance is very good- all games I have tried seem to work fine- (no conversion required) it never crashes - video playback is good and audio is clear.

    - Overall
    overall this is the perfect flashcart- it gets an 8/10 from me!!!


    -to be added
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