SuperCard DS vs G6DS real review/compare

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    Aug 21, 2006
    Hey all,


    I've received my samples of the G6DS real and SuperCard DS one some time ago thanks to the G6team and KickGaming and have taken my time to bring you a proper, unbiased review and comparison of both units. By taking my time and using both units for a longer period of time I have really been able to give a good impression of both products.


    quote; "I have combined their reviews into one big review + comparison so that I review both products and compare the main products of the big names of the GBA slot era. A short history lesson; The G6team (and the M3 team) and SuperCard Team are the producers of the most well known set of flashcards. The G6 team has their G6 series (flashcards) (the M3 team had the M3 product line) and the SuperCard has their SuperCard series (media adapters with RAM onboard). These two(/three) products are the best known and well dispersed of all the GBA (media) adapters (not counting the GBAMP). Now both have had their DS slot solutions out for a while, the SuperCard was the first of the two, thus both have been able to flush out the first few bugs out of their soft/firmware so now is a proper time to compare the two."

    I hope you'll enjoy the big, trust me, it's big but hey that's in-depth for you, read. Also keep your eyes peeled on my website and news blog because I have lots more where this came from (reviews and guides); The CycloPS DS evo, hopefully the XCM V-box PAL (including a modding guide), possibly soon depending on the shipment the new XCM 1080P VGA box and last but not least the WiiFree Easy Connect Wii drive-chip solution.

    Also I'll soon update my beginners guide to DS hb so be sure to keep an eye out for it [​IMG].