Supercard DS ONE micro firmware v1.01 released

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    Supercard DS ONE micro firmware v1.01 released

    First internal firmware update

    The Supercard team have released the first internal (micro) firmware update for the Supercard DS ONE. Unlike the normal loader updates, this firmware update (v1.01) will be flashed to the firmware on your device. This is the English update and is intended only for use on English Supercard DS ONE units. (If you have a different language SC DS ONE, check the Supercard site via the link below).

    In this update, the team have fixed a major file system bug that sometimes affected FAT32 users.
    This update is intended for both the new and old Supercard DS ONE models. To check your internal firmware version, boot your Supercard DS ONE whilst holding down L+R. For more information refer to the readme.txt, or see below.[title:Supercard DS ONE micro firmware 1.01 update]This is DS ONE version firmware 1.01 upgrade program. (Please notice your DS ONE version, Example: English version DS ONE can only run English version upgrade program)

    Important: DO NOT turn off power when running upgrade program. And make sure the power light is GREEN, not RED.

    Q:What's new?

    A:Fixed a FAT32 file system bug. This bug will make DS ONE halt and white screen.

    Q:How to upgrade?

    A:Run "SC_firmware_upgrade101.nds" like a normal program from DS ONE menu. And follow the message displayed on screen.

    Q:How do I know the firmware version?

    A:Hold L+R and turn on the power.

    Q:What should I do, if upgrade progress halt?

    A:The DS ONE is corrupt. But there is a method to fix the corrupt firmware.

    1. Need another good DS ONE, or DSLinker, or any other slot 1 flash card.

    2. Run "SC_firmware_upgrade101.nds" from the hardware list above.

    3. When upgrade message display, Do not turn off the power, swap insert the corrupt DS ONE.

    4. Follow the message, can fix the currpot DS ONE and upgrade to new firmware.

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source / Official site

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    I read somewhere that internal firmware should mean the cart could support SDHC. Maybe this is what the SuperCard Team are trying to achieve.

    - Sam
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    Thats if they make new firmware for it Sam. They would also put that as a major feature. I upgraded and didn't notice anything different though [​IMG]
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    Maybe they have made the jump to internal firmware so they can add this feature in the future... Who knows...? Maybe someone could ask the SuperCard Team if they have any intentions of adding SDHC support

    - Sam
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    OMG! No! DealExtreme raised the price today >_>
    Damn and it was a great deal too.