Supercard DS One Loader v3.0 SP3 (Build 0403)

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    [​IMG] Supercard DS One Loader v3.0 SP3 (Build 0403)
    Cheating Patch Problem Fixed; Bug Fixes
    New update for the SuperCard DS One (for SDHC and non-SDHC versions). This update fixes the cheating patch probelm with NDS #2203 (Simple DS Series Vol 35 The Genshijin - Japan) as well as some saving bugs with 2Gb-sized games. You'll need to backup your save files before upgrading to this new version, unless you want them corrupted or deleted.

    [​IMG] Download for SDHC version, non-SDHC version
    [​IMG] SuperCard Website
    [​IMG] Read GBAtemp's Review of the SuperCard DS One v3
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    heh heh, been using this since the beggining of april lol.... SC totally forgot to update the official english supecard site..doh
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    thx JPH...

    I alway reconmened Supercard ....
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    Same here. If you want the minor updates, you'll just have to look for them in the official Supercard forum.