Supercard DS ONE loader v2.0 SP5 released

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    Supercard DS ONE loader v2.0 SP5 released

    Out now

    The Supercard Team have released v2.0 SP5 of their SC DS ONE loader. Change log and download below![title:SC DS ONE v2.0 SP5 change log]1.Optimized patch code. Resumed to support save to SD directly in patch mode. This function is very useful, player DO NOT need to worry about losting save when battery out.

    2.Rewrited the display code of game guide, there is no size limitation of game guide file.

    3.Fixed homebrew can not be patched error when "save patch" unselect.

    4.Seperated the patch datebase and save type datebase, user can DIY save type database.

    5.Fixed ROMs 192, 223, 390, 989 can not RESET bug.

    6. Fiex ROM 1279 can not save in patch mode buy.

    7. Patch database update to 1350.

    8. Added search cheat code file "/scshell/cheat/GAMECODE_crc.scc".(Such as A2DJ_d793026e.scc), easy for user DIY the AR cheat code.

    9. Fixed halt game bug when trim ROM.

    10. Cheat code files update to 441.

    11. Fixed the problem witch small size of flash memory card can not be supported

    12. Added mult-language support. Maximum 8 languages support.

    13. Added function witch user can appoint language package.

    14. Fixed some games halt bug when "Fix download" selected.
    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Home page

    Thanks to paul1991 for the news.

  2. laurenz

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    Jun 3, 2006
    Anyone also noticed that these kind of minor software updates always happen after a major announcement? It tends to happen a lot lately. It's starting to bug me. The supercard creators probably don't want the acecard R.P.G to get all the attention.
  3. ZeWarrior

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    Jul 2, 2007
    so this basically is supercard wanting to update their firmware to fix mistakes, and get attention lol, like laurenz said.
  4. Lumstar

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    Eh. The only flash cart I own is Supercard CF, which I've had over a year. I'm not buying another one unless F-Zero Climax saves correctly and runs with NO slowdown whatsoever.
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    Talk about viewing the world through your own lens. Did you guys even consider the possiblility that the two things are not related? It has been a little over a month since SCDS1 SP4, and check out the change log. I would consider it to be a month well spent supporting their product. A month which also happened to include a new Slot-2 pather and firmware. There are some good fixes in this release. Fixes that don't just magically happen because another company released a different Slot-1 product.

    Just out of curiosity, do you guys always have a white van parked at your corner?

    P.S. My spelling sux when I don't have Firefox.
  6. Jdbye

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    May 10, 2006
    They fixed the problem with trimmed ROMs?! Awesome, that's one of the things that annoyed me greatly before i switched to R4.
  7. OSW

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    0_0 i think you're mixed up dude.

    BTW all users, this service pack cause problems with quite a few games when you enable patches (reset, cheat etc).

    Because of this i returned to SP4.

    However this pack is important for those who have problems with the battery saving.


    Apparantly there has been an update from the chinese forums. you can download the MSFORSC.NDS from there (if you can find it) or where someone uploaded on the scdev forums. ... 4.msg87525#msg87525

    all the games that started having problems from SP5 for me work good now with this updated file.
  8. xcalibur

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    thats quite right...
    it messed up like 15 of the 30 games i had
    no issues when running without patches but enable cheat and theres white screens all over the place