Supercard DS (One), EZ-Flash V or R4 DS?

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    Feb 7, 2007
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    I just bought a Nintendo DS Lite and I read that I can d/l games, play mp3, video, pictures etc if I buy a flashcard. I am trying to decide which one is better: Supercard DS (One), EZ-Flash V or R4 DS?

    This is what I found out so far:

    For Supercard DS (One), it seems to be really picky on the SD card. It has to be made in Japan or I will have problems. That kind of holds me back.
    For EZ-Flash V, the GUI is not touch screen. That is not that big of a deal, I guess.
    R4 DS, this one does not have moonlite loaded. I guess it is not that hard to load moonlite software, but I have never done it. So....But, it comes with lots of goodies.... I like free goodies.

    I know nothing about nintendo. This is my first one. :'( . Can someone help me figure out which one is the easiest to use and can play most games, please? [​IMG]

    OH! Do I need to alter my Nintendo to use these flashcards? I have the US version of DS Lite. I know that some needs to be re-programmed or something. I don't, right? [​IMG]

    Thanks!!! [​IMG]
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    Altering your DS's firmware is optional and is known as 'flashing'. People used to do it so they could play pirated DS games fron a GBA slot flashcart, but I think it's un-needed now.
    It's completely optional, there's no real reason to do it in my opinion. There was a 'virus' released for the DS a while back, and flashing your DS protected you against this, but the virus is not widely spread at all so you really don't have much to worry about.

    I would answer your other questions but I have to go now. I'll just say I prefer the R4.
    - Sam
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    This isn't really the case. there is a file called global.ini that Moonshell uses for various config options. One of those options is which screen the file list is displayed on. Since the EZ5 uses a modified version of Moonshell as its boot menu, adding touch support to the EZ5 is as simple as changing FileSelectSubScreen=1 to FileSelectSubScreen=0... Or at least that's what I've read, I should have an EZ5 here soonish to test said claims.

    Edit: Got my EZ5 today and I can confirm that the above works.
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    yeah u can change the touch screen to the bottom....for me it was between the r4 and the ez5 (ive owned nothing but ez products up until now) and so to change things up for a change decided to go with the r4 to give it a shot....both seemed very appealing to me though.
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    I would suggest you wait for the Supercard v2, M3 Real, or EZ V Triple Pack. With the EZ V triple Pack supposedly coming next week I suggest you wait for that.
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    All 3 have there prose & cons, I have owned or had access to most of the cards out there.
    And I have never used any card that was easier to use then the R4, from loading Roms to
    Moonshell & even installing skins it’s all brainless. Plus just about everything runs on it
    with no hassle. You can’t go wrong with it $35 for the R4 & $1 for a 1 Gig PNY micro SD,
    it don’t get any cheaper then that.