'superban' and new SX OS versions

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    May 20, 2018
    Will it be possible (right now or in the future) to use the game updates/ firm ware updates etc again after you update SX OS?
    Still on 1.3, not using online functions or anything but was just wondering.

    If not: anyone has a source to update firmware with? New games coming out requiring firmware v6.xwhateverx might stop 'us' from playing them.

    P.S. Not wanting to update right now, just want to prepare for when it's required in the future.
    P.P.S. Yes I know we should not update right now <3
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    You can update with the firmware files themselves and ChoiDujourNX directly on your Switch, or use a game that brings the update with it. But not an xci of that of course, because SX OS wouldn't be able to mount that file on a lower FW - you would have to get hold of an original cart of said game.
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