Super Smash Bros. Ultimate – The Final “Mr. Sakurai Presents” - Kingdom Hearts' Sora joins the fight

It's the final countdown, for the last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character reveal. Who exactly will be that last magical DLC fighter? Will it be a sword anime boy? Another Pokemon? We'll find out soon, when the final Mr. Sakurai Presents airs in just ten minutes. You can tune into the stream, or check out our live coverage to learn who the mystery character is!

He opens with new Mii costumes.

Splatoon costume for the Octoling, Judd, DOOM Slayer, are revealed. They release on October 18th.

Here it is. We come full circle, back to the very first trailer that revealed the game, with the inkling staring into the Smash Bros logo.

Kingdom Hearts Sora appears.

There will be 9 songs included.

Night of Fate
Destiny's Force
Shrouding Dark Cloud
Hand in Hand
Blast Away! Gummi Ship II
Hollow Bastion
Scherzo Di Notte
Fragments of Sorrow


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Nov 25, 2012
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Why do I feel like this is what happened:
*Woosh, during development of Smash Ultimate*
Nintendo: Hey, Squeenix, we need the rights to Cloud again to complete the roster. You know, so we can have everyone.
Square Enix: Um, no lol.
N: Please?
S: Lol, fine, but we better get two DLC characters this time.
Disney: *invites self to conversation* And the second one will be Sora.
N and S: Dangit.
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