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    here's my review for super smash bros for n64.

    also my entry for the contest

    In this classic Nintendo 64 game, you can play as twelve different characters to battle it out on your N64. This is the best N64 game you can get.

    The storyline in this game is that there is an evil monster. He is called the master hand. He forces characters, like Samus, Mario, Kirby, Luigi, Captain Falcon, Pikachu, and Yoshi to fight for it's amusement. This game is very simple to beat and can be beaten at four different difficulties. It usually takes about half an hour to beat. This is not a very long game and one player is not one of its strong points. It is still pretty fun on one player, but it gets even better on two player.

    Play this game multiplayer with up to four people. Fight against your friends on lots of different levels. Put the settings to time limit and see how many people your team can knock off, or do lives where people have a certain amount of lives before they lose. Both ways it is very fun and it gets very competitive.

    The sound in the game is the best. Not only is the quality good, but the songs are classics. It has a multitude of levels that play different music. For instance, if you play the Starfox level, you will hear the Starfox theme music; same with Zelda and Peach's Castle, and Saffron City from Pokemon. Every level, you will get a song from you favorite Nintendo games!

    To help you completely smash each other up, the game will randomly drop items. Some of these items include a shell, a hammer from Donkey Kong, a pokeball which shoots out Pokemon to help you, and a bat which can whack players to the other side of the level.

    Each character also has a special move. That special move is for only that character. Ex. Kirby imitates powers, link uses his boomerang, and Samus charges up his plasma gun. All the characters have special strengths and weaknesses. Kirby can fly but does not have very many melee attacks. Yoshi can put you in an egg, but has terrible jumping. For all these reasons, it really takes skill to play this game, although an amateur can do it.

    This is the best super smash bros. out there. The original is much better than Melee or Brawl. Having all those characters on brawl takes the skill out of it. But playing Super Smash Bros. on the N64 helps you with the controls on Brawl.

    The game is very easy to play and the controls can be mastered easily. This is a must have for your Nintendo 64.

    thanks for reading!
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    That's a very good review, I'm surprised I'm the only one who has commented.

    I still have this game and i agree that 1p sucks (please excuse language.)

    Keep up the excellent work.

    i think they should make a ds version similar to the New super Mario bros (it the sence of 3-d characters in a 2-d environment or if the ds can handle it a 3-d environment) that would be wicked. [​IMG]
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    Samus is a her, not a he.
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    Sounds a bit fanboyish, but good review.
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    I agree that it's better than Brawl, but definitely not batter than Melee (in my opinion of course). Melee is much much more competitive because there are many more options in pressured situations. I noticed you forgot to mention that the 64 version actually has advance techniques too. [​IMG] The reason why I like 64 much more than Brawl, but the same reason why I like Melee much more than 64.

    I hope the 64 version never dies. I still play it to this point. Online Smash Bros. 64 has great competition. If anyone's interested in playing a few games, PM me. [​IMG]
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    I'd say it does close to the opposite!

    this is an awfully written review that amounts to, "I like nintendo and in this game you can make samus and pikachu beat each other up. AWESOME!"
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    why is there a review right now