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    This utility will notify you when there is an update on the Super Smash Bros. website. It can minimize to the taskbar and it'll pop up as soon as it finds an update. Additionally, the window will show you the title of the update and what type of update it is (music, stage, etc.).

    I coded this about a month or so ago in Game Maker 6 (go ahead, laugh, it's the only environment where I can create something decent [​IMG] ). I originally released it in the community there.

    Basically, the program downloads a copy of the Brawl webpage at a timed inverval (set in the ini file described below) and scans the file for the first update. Once it finds the name of the first update, the program searches for both the image file that accompanies the update (to find out what kind of update it is), then displays both. If the update name is different from the one the program last scanned, it pops up from the taskbar.

    The default updating speed is once per minute. You can change this in the .ini file that the program unpacks (30 = 1 second). In the ini file, You can also modify the default URL where the game reads from (this will work with other language versions of the Brawl website as long as you modify this, or even individual pages on the website as long as there is a blog post there).

    Press the green arrow in the window to minimize to taskbar. There it acts like a normal taskbar application, right click it for options and click it to maximize.

    One known bug (I think it's unfixable): while the program is updating, the program freezes for a while and the taskbar options can't be accessed.

    Download (include source):

    You need to unzip before running the executable, or else the app can't extract necessary libraries and ini!

    Screen Shots

    I know that the Brawl website will always update every weekday, and is totally predicatble, however, this way, you'll get to read the update before anyone else. Also, the really crazy people won't have to keep refreshing the page anymore.

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    This is great, congratulations.
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    Or you could just use the RSS feed [​IMG]

    Or check it in about 1 hour and 3 minutes from now [​IMG]