Super Smash Bros. Brawl full of Glitches? (Spoilers!)

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    Hi, a friend of mine brought his Smash Bros. Brawl disc to my house, he was okay with letting me back it up on USB Loader GX. So, I load the game (from USB Loader GX) and have already noticed a ton of abnormal glitches (some could possibly be intentional, actual disc not tested) Here's a list of glitches I noticed: (some could also be plotholes) and, all of the glitches were noticed in the gameplay part (forget what you call it, but it's like these islands where characters join you, split up, and go to different areas, and sometimes encounter each other, I'm about 42% into this, He didn't even bring the manual.

    1.When Mario and Pit fight Dark Zelda and kill it, and Link witnesses it, and Link and Yoshi attack them, can you ACTUALLY pick Yoshi or Link for this?

    2.Almost every cutscene is glitched out like crazy, it appears normal, not like a glitched out video game, but what I mean is that it's playing the wrong cutscene. It always plays the same cutscene instead of what it's supposed to up to five times in a row, but sometimes plays the right one for one to two scenes, then back to the wrong one. It plays the cutsceen where Zero Suit Samus and Pikachu find the Samus Suit, then the board leaves, and they get Jumped by R.O.B? When we got to that stage, we defeated it, he thought it was fixed, it played the right cutscene, how do I fix this?

    3.In one scene, you either pick Lucario or Metaknight? How does this even work? I was Player 2 and I picked Lucario, my friend picked Metaknight, I saw another Metaknight, and I thought we were supposed to attack the Metaknight, but my best friend thought we were supposed to attack Lucario, which I didn't know until I saw him attacking me, so I attacked him, and surprisingly won, I'm not trying to brag, cause it get's wierder. After I beat him, I saw the GAME OVER screen showing Metaknight, but not Lucario (where you turn into a statue and it says get up)... I thought he was supposed to win, so after re-playing I suicided, and he boasted that he killed me. Wow.

    4.After what happened in 3, the next scene where snake hides from Lucario and Metaknight in a box, Lucario sees him under there, and lifts the box, then they see enemies, I picked Lucario again, it let me control the cursor, but when it finished loading, my controls stuck up, and didn't do anything.

    5.When your Zelda/Shiek on Metaknight's ship (based on what I saw from my friend playing, eh told me it was Metaknight's ship) what song is playing and what game is it from?

    6.How do I taunt using a Wii Remote?

    7.Do Ness and Lucas have the same moveset? If not, what happens if you moveset swap them? Will it distort them like other swaps?

    (Sorry, I'm new to this game.)
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