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    So I have this DVD9 Brawl ISO and some Memorex DVD+R DL's.

    I burned a brawl iso, with layer break 2084960.
    It burns fine, but when I get into the game, I can't really do much.
    In a lot of the parts of the game, I get an error:

    An error has occured.
    Please eject the disc and read the operations manual...etc.

    I have:
    System Menu 3.2 (dont feel like updating)
    DARKCORP v1.0

    The same brawl iso works fine when I put it on my friends USB stick (wbfs) and play it on my Wii.
    I tried burning it 2 times, and the same thing happens.
    These DVD's have been used to burn 2 XBOX360 games, and no errors on my friends XBOX.
    And, I can play a original copy of brawl fine.

    What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
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    Jun 6, 2009
    This is an old issue that can be caused by many things. The most common are either bad media or a bad burn, and a Wii laser set to low to read recordable dual-layer media. First, verify that the burn is in fact good. Did your burning software do a verify after the burn, and did the disc pass? If your drive can rip Wii game discs, try using Wiimms ISO Tool to compare or verify the ripped ISO. If you know someone with a Wii that can read recordable dual-layer media fine, check to see if their Wii can read the disc.

    If the disc is fine, then your Wii's drive laser may be too underpowered to read recordable dual-layer media. If this is the case then you will have to open up your Wii and adjust the pot that controls the laser's strength. This is a complex task, so I suggest using a DVD cleaning disc (you know the one with the little bit of micro-fluff on it that passes over the lens) on your Wii to see if that helps first.

    As I said, this is an old issue. One that has recently been re-visited with the release of Metroid Other-M, another popular dual-layer Wii game. Just do a search on each issue (something you should of done before making a new post hmmmm [​IMG] ) and you should find more than enough information to help you out.

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    update DARKCORP