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    This trick requires Waninkoko's Savegame Extractor & Savegame Installer.

    Dumped data
    ADVSV0.bin - Subspace Emissary Data
    ADVSV1.bin - Subspace Emissary Data
    AUTOSV0.bin - Stickers,Trohpies,Misc Data,Events,Classic,All Star,etc Data
    AUTOSV1.bin - Stickers,Trohpies,Misc Data,Events,Classic,All Star,etc Data
    BANNER.bin - Brawl Picture
    COLLECT.VFF - Stage Builder,Album, & Replay Data
    FILELIST.DAT - Savegame Extractor Data
    NET0 - Wi-Fi Data
    NET1 - Wi-Fi Data
    WC24PUBK.MOD - Wi-Fi Data

    This is a great find you can use anything to your advantage! give it a try I will not be held responsible for any data corruption or anything else!

    Hopefully there should be a Brawl Data editor for this we have the data now we need a program to give us what we want.

    Need Hackers & Programmers will send data of mine & powersave data to experiment with who ever is interested!
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    [​IMG]1X Agree
    But how much data editing is TOO FAR,like putting a letter instead of a number for coins,that may make the game think you have unlimited coins?
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    ^ Number of coins is probably stored in hexdecimal, not ASCII, so you can't place a letter there.