Super Princess Peach

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  1. time-warp

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    Jun 13, 2004
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    Believe it or not, I actually bought this game when it first came out. I completed the first few levels of the first world, then took it back for a store credit. In other words, I didn't give it a chance. The first world is plain, boring music, not a lot going for it. After getting my M3 Simply I thought I'd give it another go. Now I see this game actually has some depth to it, some great level design, a range of enemies, clean classic graphics (love them). Not only that, but a range of mini games, cool bosses. There is also a shop where you can buy upgrades by using coins throughout the game. Excellent idea. It makes you want to explore all hidden areas to ensure you have collected all of the available coins to get that next purchase. Overall a great all round platformer, I'm starting to play and enjoy this more than Yoshi Island DS!

    If your like me and blew this off - give it another go, especially if platformers are your thing [​IMG]


    timewarp* [peace love and hair grease]
  2. .TakaM

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    Oct 8, 2004
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    yeah, I gave it a go after being pretty much devastated by yoshis island DS (what a god awful piece of shit)
    and I was very pleasantly surprised, even better than NSMB if I do say so myself
  3. Hitto

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    I wouldn't go so far. It's decent and it's got interesting stuff in it, but it does get boring after a while.
  4. 4saken

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    Nov 28, 2006
    It's decent, but I would have to say Yoshis Island DS and NSMB are much more fun to play