super noob Qs about pokemon b/w wondercard distribution and items req

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    Dec 22, 2011
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    Okay. I'm a super noob. I have an AR that I used once (I failed, bricked my poor little game. lol..) But I wanna have another go.

    I got pokemon black back at release, but it came out a few days before DA2 and so I stopped playing it. I want to start a new file now while I wait for Skyrim to be patched but I don't want to lose out on Victini and the liberty pass. So I want to create an event so I can start a new file and download it.

    Trouble is, I have no idea what is required. I have 2 DS lites (hinge broke on my first one, but if I'm careful it can work for like trading lol..), a 3DS, and an AR. I think I need a flashcart? But I have no idea what that is or where to buy one. I was hoping maybe I could use "desmune" but I don't know if that is possible?

    I have a feeling there have been threads like this, but I only understand half the terms thrown around and I'm not sure what search terms I'd use. I looked at several threads involving the codes for the event, pokesav, and making desmune wifi... but none really made it clear for me as to what I actually needed. Or maybe they did and I'm blind and didn't see it. Its possible. I can be dense at times.

    That being said. I don't need a step by step guide. (wouldn't turn one down though.) Just need to have a better idea as to what I need.

    Soo.. Please be gentle. I'm honestly not use to being this ill-informed, but this isn't something I normally look into. I mean last time I tried anything like this I actually broke my game. Which I was told was impossible. Yay for being special? :/

    (PS: Do I need a flame cloak/shield? My fire res is awfully low. I also really hope this is the right forum. Oh goodness. ;___; *fears*)
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    uhm please go to , is have many collection of many event. is wondercard too, btw see on that site to search how to insert that event into you save file.