Super NES/famicom mods, repros and CIC

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    Feb 28, 2017
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    What's the best way to make repros so far? I'm not looking to bootleg, rather I want to flash the english version/translation onto SFC carts. Why?
    1) The Super Famicom looks nicer
    2) American SNES carts are horrendously expensive.
    3) many games were never available in the US.
    What's the best way currently to do that? Custom PCB, EEPROMs, or TSOP interposers? I'll also be modding for component output, but I've already got that figured out.

    Pros for custom PCB:
    Every game can fit on a single TSOP flash chip. Easy reprogramming.

    resoldering expansion chips and CIC. Designing PCB to accommodate wide variety of configurations.

    Pros for EEPROMs:
    simplest solution.

    DIP EEPROMs are getting very hard to find. The largest one on digikey is only 8megabit OTP and costs $9!

    Pros for interposer:
    no need to resolder DSP and CIC.

    Some carts have as many as SIX ROMs! At $5 a chip that's $30 just in ROMs!

    I realize there are ebay interposers (pinouts are wrong!) and repro PCBs available, but they all have DIP slots instead of TSOP pads, pretty much negating the advantages.

    I mean sure I could just use bsnes like everyone else, but where's the challenge in that?

    Or maybe I should just learn Japanese lol. I think designing a PCB is probably easier though.