Super mario galaxy in October!! for japan

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    hey i found this off of Kotaku so i just thought i would share the good-news. this is just a copy and paste from wiipals. For you system modders, go dance.

    Famitsu; a popular*Japanese*gaming magazine has pieced these dates together with their own information.
    They are a highly respected magazine in that country and are often given exclusive*news bits.
    These are the games they have dated in their most recent issue.*

    July 2007: Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Fuuketsu no Grimoire (NDS, Square Enix)
    July 2007: MushiKing Super Collection (Wii, Sega)
    July 2007: Wii Health Pack (Wii, Nintendo)
    July 2007: Mario Party 8 (Wii, Nintendo)
    August 2007: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates (NDS, Square Enix)
    October 2007: Super Mario Galaxy (Wii, Nintendo)
    November 2007: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2 (NDS, Nintendo)
    November 2007: Dragon Quest IX (NDS, Square Enix)
    December 2007: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games (Wii/NDS, Sega)
    In late 2007: Wii with DVD playback (Nintendo)
    2008: Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (Capcom)

    Some great pieces of news here.
    Anyone else ready to hear some US dates?