Super Mario Advance 4 won't write to 3in1...

Discussion in 'EZ-Flash' started by Schlupi, Feb 6, 2011.

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    Ok. So I am having trouble writing Super Mario Advance 4 to the EZ Flash 3 in 1.

    I am using a Phat DS, with an EZ Flash Vi using the latest FW that allows multicarts. 1.0 something.

    I have had no issues with ANY other game, this one stops and hangs at "Patching" screen, at the second "jump" of the bar, if you know what I mean. the bar for patching loads in parts of 3.

    I waited 10 minutes, froze. would not finish. I tried U, U 1.1, E, E 1.1, nothing would work.

    Any help, guys?
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