super mario advance 4 action replay or gameshark codes

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    May 22, 2014
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    so i have been searching the net for gameshark or action replay codes for either an american or japanese super mario advance 4 one reason why is because its not on the 3ds but on wiiu which is good but i want to play it on the go but with all the right fixing and i usally collect original sourced gba so i can play on the big screen for some games i have tried virtual console and loved it but some stuff is not on the go so i am planning on using a gba save rom manger and dumper to put japanese e reader data into a japanese e reader then to link up to a japanese super mario advance 4 unless i don't need the setup and i can just dump save into a japanese super mario advance 4 i just don't know if (edit i figured i can dump data into just cartridge not the e reader but if i want i can put and use the e reader on the ds region lock or not) now comes the part where i need hacks for the japanese rom since i prefer using that and asking if my gba action replay pro is also region locked so i could use that with the real thing the whole point to play complete on the go