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Nov 14, 2002
Traped in a hole
Super Mario World Advance 2


Ahhhh, the classic series of the famous Mario. Well, you don’t need a reminder of who Mario is…… do you? In this magnificent game, the storyline has been slightly tweaked. It's more or less the same, Princess Peach gets captured, and Mario fans will know who is the culprit …right? As always, it’s Mario’s job to save the world from danger and rescue the princess, alongside with his brother Luigi and Mario’s trusty dinosaur Yoshi! There are a blasting 96 side-scrolling levels to this game, which will take you ages too complete, and no, it wont be a quick pushover. Well, its all up to the Mario Bros. to save Princess Peach, as you dive into the levels with fun packed and gruesome enemies, the worlds await your entrance………

Well, it’s the classic game play just as before. Sadly, its only a remake of a previous Mario title, without many gameplay differences. It’s a side-scroller so it could get annoying at times, mostly when facing large enemies. Mario still has Yoshi along with him in his adventure, and let's not forget Mario’s brother Luigi either. In the game, the only differences between the two brothers is that Luigi can jump higher and for longer, which means his jumps are a little slower but increase in height. Between each level you can change/decide which character you want, Luigi or Mario. If your already familiar with Mario games, then you’d already know about the power blocks and mushrooms. For all you newbies to Mario, mushrooms, can increase your strength and height. You start off at normal size (your character) if you get hit or you touch an enemies, you decrease in size, and if you get hit again, you will sadly die, while a mushroom will increase your size back to normal size. There are still power blocks which you bash to get coins, mushrooms, and those spiteful dark mushrooms, which count as being hit, so looks out for those ones -- they are darker than the normal reddish mushrooms. Basically, the game is level based, where when you pass one of them, you reach the next then the next and so on.


Whatch out for these huge bombs! //// Mario riding his trusty pal, Yoshi!

At the end of a couple of levels you reach a mini-boss, which is at the end of a special stage, a “Castle”. The mini-bosses are Bowser's loyal servants, out to get you and disrupt your path to save the princess. Then after the boss, there are some more levels, at the end of a couple there is another mini-boss. The loop continues until you progress deep into the game, when you meet the king of all bosses…. In between these couple levels are special ghost courses, which take more thinking and more control technique to get past.


in some cases you'll have to float to ///// Heres one of the secret Yoshi coins hidden in each world!
reach the coins above.

You can also redo levels, to gain extra easy lives, which could be used to power yourself and prepare yourself for the boss at the and of the “Castle”. There also 5 Yoshi coins scattered around each level, where only a good explorer will find. Once found you earn an extra life. There are also many routes which you can take to complete a level; they will be unlocked as you progress through the game. You’ll be bashing, hitting and punching your way through these enemy packed courses, where your trusty sidekick Yoshi comes in handy. Yoshi can still stick his tongue out and gobble down enemies as an attack. He also acts as a spare mushroom. …So honestly it's just the same as the previous SNES version of the game, with only minor differences -- this time they introduced an extra character (Luigi), and that’s about it.

The graphics are all right. The stage have been brightened up a little, with an introduction with a few edited scenes in some of the worlds and levels, which adds a colourful and better appearance. I don’t think Nintendo took advantage of the GBA -- they left SMA2 plain, more the less exact same as the SNES version. There are, however, a few worlds that have been changed tremendously…. The graphics to this game are nothing spectacular, basically it's really simple, and straightforward, with no complex graphics manipulation (sadly). It's nothing compared to Golden Sun…but that’s a whole different review altogether Well, now for the sound. The sound is not original, again, mostly same from the SNES version, with slight differences. There are a couple of ghost stages which can get annoying with the sounds, when doing a sharp turn in them, the floor makes a kind of “eeeesssssskkkk”! sound, which can be disturbing for some players. The sounds are simple and plain, they are nothing big, or great, they are…..normal…. They shouldn’t annoy you too much though . And now, finally, music. Well, its not exactly Koji Kondo, or a lovely piece full orchestra either. Again its simple ringing tunes, which some times stick in your head, (such as the Castle tunes, trust me, it happens!) I thought the tune was soo good, I actually got keyboard notes so I could play it. .
To sum it up, music is pleasant and simple, throughout all the levels and worlds.


Heres a pic of the ghost houses/////// Whaaaa! Stay clear and crouch down to avode being crushed!
which are special stages.


Hmm, there are obviously a few. I’m extremely disappointed with the graphics, I mean… was released for the GBA, couldn’t Nintendo have added more complexity, or make it more appealing and up-to date with hot games like Lufia and Golden Sun? Very disappointing. Also they should have added a few more stages and an extra world or something -- as it stands it has too many similarities to the SNES version, unfortunately. And, the big one…….the DIFFICULTY can put a lot of gamers off, because game is not a quick stroll in the park. It takes time and patience, it gets extremely difficult as you go deeper in the game (well, at least for me it was!), and so on. More advanced and experience gamers may find it slightly easier than this, but I emphasize the word slightly.


Overall this game is good. If you're new to Mario and want something for GBA, then get this. If you’re a familiar fan of Mario, then this game isn’t really for you. Graphics are pretty simple, the story mode is classic "princess gets captured, you venture out and try to rescue her". If you like action games, then this is an OK game, but if you're short on patience, then skip this game -- I'd advise Super Mario World Advance 3, which is way better then this one.

So, I give this game a 6/10
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