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    What do I have to do to get them?

    I have 31 stars with Mario and Yoshi, I have unlocked the door for the 2nd Bowser fight and I have gone on the Ghost hunt by beating the big Boo in the courtyard and leaping in the lamp/cage thing.

    I'm having trouble in that are because the camera is inflexible in this level so could someone tell me what I need to do to get Luigi and, in turn, Wario?

    Thanks in advance [​IMG]
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    In the 'cage' there is a large house, right?
    Go through the front door and go upstairs (you can do this with a triple jump if you haven't made the stairs go up)
    There should be an area like this:
    (Damn! it doesn't look right... it's like an upside-down letter U. go to the southeast corner and go through the doorway)
    go through the doorway indicated by the arrow (you must be Mario for this bit!) and (you also must have activated the red boxes) break the red box. Float up to the next level and in the room that you enter look around and you will see a picture of Luigi. Jump into it and go up to the mirror, go into first-person view and look around. You should see Luigi appear.
    (To activate the red boxes, go to the main room of the castle, where there should be a beam of light coming from the ceiling. Go into first-person view and look at the source of the light, you should be teleported into the sky where you dive down onto the really big button on the spire of the castle.)
    I don't have enough time to talk about Wario... but good luck killing King Boo!
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    wario needs luigi first.
    on the 2nd floor, go into the mirror room.
    eat a flower(when you have luigi that room contains flowers)
    run through the mirror, and jump into the painting of wario.
    in that world, follow the longest possible road, untill you see a hole inside an ice mountain.
    jump into the hole and beat the boss.