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I'm playing Super Mario 64 DS 1.1 on a M3DS Simply and I experiencing a crash at the ice level.
Whenever I deliver the baby penguin to his mama and she gives me the star the game freezes when Mario is catching the star.
I have to reset the DS and try again, but then... it freezes at the same spot.

Is anyone experiencing it too?

Let leaborate ir a little more.

It worked great before.
Than I found a virus on my SD Card.
I cleaned it with AVG.
The I formatted it using FAT32.
Then I upgraded the firmware to 1.11.
That's when it froze for the first time. But I was a long time without playing Mario 64 DS.
I tried to erase the .sav file and starting a new game.
It froze when i touched the very first star. So that's it every time I get a star, no matter the star. I have to reset the DS.
I tried then reformatting it using FAT no FAT32 and used the 1.06 firmware, which was the last one I used before 1.11.
I still froze.

You see, it worked before.
Now it doesn't.

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