Super Mario 3D Land Has A Time Attack StreetPass Mode And More

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    During the latest Iwata Asks Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed that Super Mario 3D Land will have a time attack mode once the main levels are completed. With StreetPass enabled you will be able to see the times of people you have passed and determine whose skill level is similar to yours.

    “To be honest, it was so hard that at one point we gave up, but Koizumi-san said he definitely wanted to put it in. (laughs) After you clear the normal stages, you unlock the Time Attack mode and can see the times of people you have passed and determine whose skill level is like yours. You have a friendly race with people about your level and enjoy shaving away your times.”

    “This time, you can even pass by people who don’t have the game! If you pass by someone’s Mii character someplace like the StreetPass Mii Plaza application, you can receive an item from that Mii character at Toad’s house. If you pass by the same Mii character again, you get something better.”

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    They really work on this thing. They even up the challenge.
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    Cool gimmicky features (at least the Streetpass thingies). Time Attack feature is very very handy and competitive, I like it.
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    Than definitely don't want. Those side hidden levels in Mario 65, sunshine and galaxy 1/2 are a pain in the ass. Nintendo acts like everyone is a god at timed jumping, no wonder everyone used to buy action replay for the 64. This whole game looks exactly like they took all those levels and merged them into one mario game.
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    Wait, you actually didn't like some parts of the games because they adding optional challenges to them. I find that weird for some reason.

    They have things for both the people who like challenges and the ones that don't in this game anyway.
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    That's great! :) I love when they add small optional challenges, sadly I have only gotten ONE streetpass hit ever.. I mean, one person several times, and that's my classmate who bought a 3ds together with me :P But I like the idea, and then you don't have to compete against crazy people around the world...
    I mean, some puzzle games online with leaderboards are dead to me... This is a made up example: Tetris, get 100,000 lines, and then there's 6 people in the top with 2 seconds.... clearly they've glitched it, or cheated, or something, but it's not fun... :/
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    Man, people (and developers) got lazy after the NES days. :P
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