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Super Mario 3D All-Stars ROM leaked 4 days ahead of release


Super Mario 3D All-Stars, Nintendo's latest first-party game scheduled for release on September 18th, has leaked online several days ahead of release, as some GBAtemp forum members revealed (and verified themselves). The game's compressed size is a little over 5 gigabytes as shown on the ROM information tool.


As suspected, all games 3 are emulated, and not actually ported to the Switch:
UPDATE 1: after further inspection from our very own forum users it seems the N64 and GCN games are indeed emulated, but the Wii game is actually recompiled for Switch - no information yet as to whether any changes were made to the original game.

UPDATE 2: some users are reporting issues with SMB64 crashing when launching the game for the second time or when going back to the Home menu (suspected savegame issue?) ongoing discussion here.
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