sunshine, again

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  1. kingeightsix

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    Aug 20, 2006
    it's called, "sunshine, again"...
    coz my friend makes beats so i guess i was feeling lyrical and the beat made me miss my ex gf.
    i wrote a song out of it (it's a rap song if you didn't notice).
    i'm open to criticism... even though my buddy wouldn't freaking give me any coz he says, "music expresses how you feel & i can't criticize your feelings".

    after my birthday was when i met you girl
    that very moment you were in my world

    that day i didn't really, you know, notice you
    but at that time you was someone else's boo

    gotta admit you got me twisted
    how you said my name, damn i missed it

    i was drowning in love, so overzealous
    all them single fellaz was goddamn jealous

    every dollar every nickel went to your jeans
    just like all the crack i fed to the feenz

    remember the time that we spent together
    on the summer days & that winter weather?

    you were right there when i got my ride
    always had you on the passenger side

    i miss how we used to fuss & fight
    i'd hit you from the back on the very same night

    swear i'll never forget the day
    that you broke my heart when you went away

    but after all you put me through
    i sit here to find out i'm missing you

    noone can could take the feelings i had
    to have met you, i'm so damn glad

    i see pictures with you & the next man
    lookin' so hot i could be your next fan

    we shared the same dreams & now it's stressing to me
    but to see you all grown up is a blessing to me

    never missed a girl this much in my life
    6, 8, 12... & you still my wife

    if it was meant to be, we'd be together
    right now it's just some stormy weather

    one day you'll be all mine, again
    & then there'll be sunshine, again
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    Jun 30, 2006
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    Lyric sheets don't do a rap justice.
    Record that suckah...
    Upload it so's we can hear it right!
    C'mon now!
  3. kingeightsix

    kingeightsix GBAtemp Fan

    Aug 20, 2006
    i'm practicing right now... i don't have it quite right now lol

    when it's final, i'll up it for you niggas.