SunOL v0.1 alpha

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    SunOL v0.1 alpha
    rom info for the DS
    SunDEV has came along to GBAtemp and posted news of SunOL, an application for the DS that acts much like offline list, NDScrc and rominator for the PC (minus the validation part).

    Feature list adapted from the post below.
    - With SunOL you can view all the DS commercial releases on your DS.
    - For each game you can get information on the release, view the LOGO(32*32) as well as the BOXART and a SCREENSHOT.
    - All the information is stored on the memory card (Approximately 150MB for the full version and only 7MB for the last 100 games) and can be updated through wifi.
    - SunOL is almost all skinnable (the official skin will be ubuntu like).

    [​IMG] GBAtemp thread including download and discussion
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.