Summerholiday is comming, what are your plans?

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by DjoeN, Jun 10, 2011.

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    Oct 21, 2005
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    Ok, i'm 42 so i work, but as i work for different schools i also get all school holidays free [​IMG]
    (all payed holidays)

    Big Summer Holiday in Belgium is from 1 july till 31 of august.
    So in 20 days my almost 2 months holiday starts on the 1st of july till prolly 22 or 29 august

    My plans:
    - Building a little gardenhouse
    - redoing the attic to make a bigger room for the twins
    - Prolly going 1 day a week to the beach (30 minute drive)
    - lotsa dayrtrips to The Netherlands / France and Germany
    - Regulary going to Plopsaland with the kids (30 minute drive and i have a yearly subscribtion to it)
    - putting weekly money in my jar, to save up for PSV and Wii-U
    - Being lazy in my garden when the sun shines
    - Big house cleanup with the whole family [​IMG]
    - If it fits, every sunday trying to do some big fleamarkets, to hunt for cheap second hand games and especially "retro consoles and retro games" to collect or sell again with profit
    - learn the youngest kid bycicle and swim
    - Watch a bunch of TV episodes/Anime and movies
    - Working in the garden, when needed
    - Maybe a supize holiday, but till now, no plans are made (but we sometimes just sit there and suddenly descide to go on a midweek or 1 or 2 week hoilday to somewhere the next day)

    Mostly we just see what the next day will bring [​IMG] (except for certain tasks like the attic and the gardenhouse)
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    I am volunteering in Greece for the Special Olympics, I will be a helper to encourage and keep the spirits of the athletes up and just accompany them while the games take place. I leave on Monday to head to Greece and will be staying there until July 4th.
  3. Nathan Drake

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    Jan 2, 2011
    As I'm 17, and my first day of summer vacation was today, I have different plans:

    - Job hunting (I need money, jobs pay money, I need a job)
    - Running (Gonna try to drop about 15 pounds)
    - Scholarship Applications (Need to start building funds for college)

    Those are the three major ones. Most everything else will just be a side product of those three.