Summer Games Fest 2022 - roundup - new game trailers and reveals

E3 isn't happening, but the show must go on, kind of. The Summer Games Fest is taking its place for yet another year, promising worldwide premieres of new games, and updates on previously revealed titles. Last year's event was headlined by a new Elden Ring gameplay trailer, followed by the reveal of Death Stranding: Director's Cut. This year's show kicks off in 30 minutes, at 2pm ET/12pm PT. Catch it live, or check back here to see each and every announcement, all summarized.

It begins:

Street Fighter 6 gets some new gameplay footage, alongside a character reveal. Guile is confirmed for SF6.

The next game is a new one: Aliens: Dark Descent. 2023.

Dead Space dev's Calisto Protocol has a new gore-filled trailer and its first gameplay shown. December 2nd. There's a gun that can lift enemies and fling them. You can shoot limbs off.

CoD: MW2 (the new one) takes the spotlight to showcase its campaign gameplay. Characters return from the original MW2.

A return to an old franchise. Flashback 2, Winter 2022.

Dark fantasy first person shooter is next. Witchfire. It's in early access soon. Only showed EGS as a platform.

Fort Solis has Troy Baker and Roger Clark (from RDR2) starring in a space-themed game. Takes inspiration from Dead Space. Is a thriller.

Mick Gordon is composing this next title. Sound designer for ID software games like Doom and Wolfenstein. There's evil robots. Game is called Routine. Lunar Software is involved. Xbox and PC, game was initially revealed 10 years ago.

The Rock is advertising an energy drink.

That's all that was.

Now there's a DC comics movie Black Adam being shown.

Outriders has a new campaign. New content.

"Legendary developers" Frost Giant are here to reveal a cinematic trailer for Stormgate, beta in 2023. It's an RTS.

The earth is flooded, and people are trying to get to Mars. You're on a raft, Highwater, 2022. Rogue Games developing.

The game Replaced was supposed to be here, but the dev team was impacted by the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

American Arcadia is all about a utopia. You play as someone trying desperately to escape it. PC and console.

Epic Games Store possible exclusive, as its logo is shown prominently, and Coffee Stain Studios. It's Goat Simulator 2. Fall 2022.

Marvel's Midnight Suns is back, and we get to see the new characters joining the fray. Venom is there. Spider-Man too. October 7.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course shows us some of the new content on the way.

Neon White is headed to Switch and PC. Single player card based speed running first person shooter. June 16.

Midnight Fight Express has the motion capture actor from God of War and the co-writer of Destiny 2.

Warframe stuff is next. Twitch viewers get a drop. After a few years, there's a teaser for The Duviri Paradox.

Honkai Starrail from the Genshin Impact devs. They say it's like Genshin, but more action focused. Takes place in space.

Zenless Zone Zero is another game they're making. Has fast paced action.

TMNT Shredder's Revenge is out June 16.

Super People is in final beta.

Humankind is getting a Latin America expansion. Rewrite history on console, because it's on Xbox. Day 1 on Game Pass.

There's a One Piece JRPG. One Piece Odyssey is out this year.

SMT Soul Hackers 2 gets its English dub cast. August 26.

Capcom Arcade Stadium 2 packs a ton of games together. July 22.

Metal Hellsinger out August 15. Metal rhythm shooter with a demo out now on.

The Quarry is out tomorrow.

Nightingale. Procedural card game. You can craft the cards you use.

Saints Row reboot gets a character creator ahead of launch. Out now.

Warhammer Darktide. Out September 13th.

Bloober Team has a new game, Layers of Fear, out early next year.

Gotham Knights is a few months away, and so we get to see some gameplay, this time, featuring Nightwing. He has his escrima sticks, and fights acrobatically.

The Last of Us Remake is real, after leaking. The multiplayer is standalone. They haven't shown what they've done, but they say it's huge. It has its own story, new cast. Won't hear about it until next year.

There's a still shot from the TLOU TV show. The voice actors of the game for Joel and Ellie will have a secret part in the show.

That's it.

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