Suicide Mickey Creepypasta Explained


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Apr 24, 2013
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(This is going to be LOOOOOONG, but stay with it!)

(My spacebar randomly craps out, so excuse any random missing spaces between words.)

I'm sure a few of you have at least heard of this. You can google it, but I won't post it here.
It all boils down to Mickey is walking endlessly in a city for about 2 minutes, then the "tape" cuts to black for 7 minutes, then the city animation comes back, but shrieking can be heard and the background is warped and distorted. Every now and then after this, there'll be 10 or 12 frames of black and the background will be distorted differently. Now, people have said this means Mickey killed himself and now he's walking in hell. However, I have examined the tape, not as one whole, but as many different pieces (Technical details, why they come into play, why the background distorts multiple times, the shrieking, etc.) and found an answer to what this is.

Technical Details, and Why They Matter

This "movie" and plenty of others use a technique to create looping backgrounds that was simple but effective. They made one long piece of paper, 2 or 3 screens long, looped it around a motor so it would scroll, and recorded it. Then, they simply animated over the recording. They used this because it was cheap and worked relatively well. Believe it or not, this helps explain the warping background, but it's only one piece of it. The other piece is the lenses they used. The reason the recording was warped is they were testing lenses that were damaged by heat. So, basically, they were trying to see what lenses were trash and what weren't. This would also explain the few frames of black in between distortions. They were CHANGING THE LENSES.


The shrieking is a little odd. Mainly, the quality doesn't match. Magnetic tapes don't age well, so someone must have edited that in. End of story.

The 7 Minutes of Black

The 7 minutes of black were the people operating the recording camera trying to find the lenses mentioned in the Technical Details section. They found one, and it was OK, so they took it off, but then noticed they didn't have the others, so they went to look for them. Easy.

The Reason Mickey is There

As I said before, they animated over the scrolling background. Someone thought it'd be funny to put Mickey into the scene, because plot. (Maybe he was supposed to not notice that he had walked into a room full of weird mirrors or something? I don't know, but that's not relevant, so, moving on!)


Basically, this all boils down to a bunch of damaged lenses, someone wanting to use the footage, and editing in sound to turn it into a creepypasta a long time afterwards, in that order.

I hope I have shined light on the subject, and maybe now this will circulate and this story will die.

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