[Suggestions] Not Sure Whether Possible But Still Suggesting

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    Update Server Spoofer
    • When you try to update/check whether there is an update available your Wii U checks a server to see whether there's a new update or not. And this could be exploited somehow and make the system believe that they're downloading an update from their server and when it's actually from another installing a downgraded or CFW.

    Program that allows the modification of WiiU game data

    • program that would allow you to read the Wii U's USB format and access the data file of a game, for example: Splatoon - ability to give yourself X amount of points (or whatever).

    (Note: These are just suggestions that popped up in my head; not sure whether they make complete sense, but I'm still suggesting it.)
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    The update suggestion would likely require IOSU access which hasn't been released yet. And modifying the WiiU update program is most likely a brick scenario. Modifying game content is already currently available, but your suggestion would likely result in a ban from Ninty once it was used en-mass.
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    Wow. Why didn't the devs (which are working for months and years on the wiiu) didn't think of that ?
    That should work on every console -> WiiU, Ps4, xbone etc
    It's so easy !
    In the name of all gamers - thank you for your suggestion.

    This will change the world.
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    I came out of lurking just to say, there are a lot of people that would love to contribute but have no clue how. I know you think you are pretty entertaining, sarcastic belittling is pretty funny after all, but there really isn't much info on how a person would even get into the scene to make a helpful contribution. More than a few times I've seen someone who is legitimately interested in getting into hacking and homebrew be dismissed with a "it's above your head" or "you wouldn't be any help to the cause" type response while one of the biggest complaints on this site is how slow progress has been and how nobody is qualified to help the few people leading the scene.

    My point is, when someone asks a question or makes a suggestion and you have the obvious answer don't take it as an opportunity to insult. Rather, you should educate and steer them in the right direction so the entire community is more up to speed on what we are trying to accomplish and specifically how it is being done. It would do wonders to cut down on the ignorant many who constantly complain why they can't update and play their pirated games.

    If you can't be bothered to refer someone with positive intentions to somewhere they can read about the hacking process so they can learn, then don't respond. To make it as far as we have, someone had to ask the same questions at some point so it's really not wise to turn away those who have less knowledge on the subject than you do.