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    Apr 21, 2010
    I'm not sure if this exists or not but here goes anyway.

    If you submit something in the USN section and it's about the 3DS, there should be a way that if you're looking through the 3DS section of the forum, you can see that thread and when you open it, it redirects you to the USN article.
    Just a suggestion. That way it'd be much easier to find say, An article about "First homebrew code opened on the Vita" (Just random; not true atm, if ever) if it were posted in USN, because it would then appear in the Vita section as well (perhaps selected by the user, what areas it can also be put in).
    Again, just a suggestion.
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    I know what you mean, and the best thing we can do about this is moving threads around from one forum to another while keeping a link in the original forum.
    If we had to design a feature like this, it would require major changes in the whole forum system.

    The way that IPB works is that each thread can only be assigned to 1 forum (eg. the forum identifier is stored as "integer number" in the database.)
    If we were to change that database format and transform that integer number into something else (foreign key, list of IDs as CSV, etc.) we would pretty much have to rewrite the entire forums. So that's not really gonna happen. There are other ways to code this but all would involve heavy modifications; there isn't really anything we want to do about it because modifications we do tend to disappear when we upgrade the forum software to newer versions.

    Hope that clears it up a bit.
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    I guess if your posting something and want it to reflect elsewhere you could then post in the other sub forums with either a link or duplicate content . Forum software updates usually require the admin to remod certain forum scripts and even db entries to retain exisiting mods. It can be annoying and time consuming , it all really depends on how popular a suggestion is compared to the frequency of core updates .