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  1. Review the compilation with condensed info

  2. Do separate reviews

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    I recently got the retail release of Azure Striker Gunvolt Striker Pack for Nintendo switch. In case if anyone is curious, this is a compilation 2-in-1 game that features the first 2 games in the series with some additional features exclusive to nintendo switch that wasn't done on 3DS release.

    Anyway I intend to review this game (and every other game I own for nintendo switch if it hasn't already been done) but the problem I'm faced with is that most people tend to comment about the "Length" of text. In this case, for example, I have published Puyo Puyo tetris review CLICK HERE. In which I write the review covers all the plethora of content the game offers including all the game modes and each of their gameplay styles. (And to admit that I never really done such a game before which is a first and also difficult to date from when I started.)

    What I was gonna do is just review the game, the intention was to explain both games as I feel is required to anyone not familiar with it before, But I have a idea for a different approach. Both games yet to been reviewed individually, so I was asking if you think I should review them each in their own review before the compilation game, in this case the actual compilation would be shorter cause is unnecessary to add the details of the two games (cause reviews for them are already available) Or just review the compilation game as I intended?

    I'm asking people who is either interested in this game's review or reading reviews in general. If you don't care honestly, there is no need to comment about not caring, just don't comment. My original idea is to condense into one review but to avoid community backlash I wish to know what you are thinking.
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    It all depends on what you want to do. Do you view this as two games, or do you see it as a game which is made up of these two individual components? Personally, I'd do it as a review if the pack as a whole. I think that gives you a much better platform to speak of any additions or deficiencies of the games on the switch vs other systems.
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    I would treat it as "one" game and review both in one review. I haven't played the ASG pack, but I'd imagine there might be some kind of bonus for beating one game, then starting the second with a completed save. If there isn't, it would be a good idea to mention that (ability to play either game without worrying about cleared saved unlocks) in the review.

    To avoid "Stakataka text", highlight features, improvements, and keep it concise.

    Good luck.
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    Write the review you would want to read. That is all anybody should be doing here. Obviously good spelling, grammar, formatting and flow will do well but that should be obvious without stating it.

    If said review is a shill review or a readily avoidable glaring inaccuracy we may point and laugh but you can expect that. Now if you misunderstood a mechanic and the game allowed that then that itself is useful information (I have genuinely been told things in random loading screens before that would have really helped before then), however if you wilfully misinterpreted it then that is a different matter; if you play the latest tactical shooter like its gears of war then you are going to look like a moron, similarly if you play the latest driving simulator like it is mario kart then same. Let's players seem prone to this which is one of my major misgivings with that set.

    You can't be all things to all people, indeed there is a reason you are encouraged to find reviewers that share your likes and dislikes in games and the mechanics and failings thereof. If you are not someone's cup of tea then who cares as long as you are not a COD and sports game type trying to write a review for a RPG focused site?

    If someone wants to read a 50 word review*/conclusion, see a score saying 7/10 therefore must be crap despite 7/10 being somewhat above the mid line, maybe buy a game and realise it is crap because they did not investigate it beforehand and complain then they are an idiot.

    *I have seen good 50 word reviews. Years ago the Sunday times TV guide used to have them. It is however a seriously hard to pull off consistently.

    On length then know there is a difference between length and pointlessly padded. You could go further still and try to trim the fat; if you have said something twice and are not trying to reinforce a point then maybe it is redundant, however at this point this is a stylistic quibble.

    "(and every other game I own for nintendo switch if it hasn't already been done)"
    Why not review those too? More voices, more better.
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