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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by imgod22222, Aug 7, 2010.

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    Basically _anything_ to describe the abstraction that is IOS, the difference between multiple IOS, and maybe a small discussion about third-party IOS such as cIOS.

    I suggest this because I've been checking back to GBAtemp every so often (I was much more active until about six months after the release of Wii... when the first cIOS was coming out, etc.) and I have no bloody idea what these IOS are. I'm still on like official update 3.0U because #1 I haven't gotten anything new since brawl #2 I know IOS is like Wii's Operating system providing system-level abstraction for programmers so they don't have to deal with I/O Devices, but more like I/O streams (like the average programmer has with conveniences like stdin and stdout instead of having to write to the screen buffer and implement different code for each set of hardware its being developed for). I get the system-level idea, but what does the average joe need/want to know?

    Anyways, just a suggestion. Up to admins/mods if they want to get that done. Please post your reaction to my suggestion.
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    It doesn't really need to be a staff member that writes something like this, just someone who knows a lot about it.

    Also, moved to the Wii hacking section [​IMG]

    edit: If anyone is going to make something like this, feel free to use the Wiki (anyone can edit it without an account)
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    the average joe just needs to just leave the ioses alone.
  5. ChuckBartowski

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    I agree. No guide, it will just cause more fail.
  6. alexcalibur

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    I think a *user-friendly* guide would be useful. Not a guide on any type of exploits or anything like that, just something that explains what they are. More like a glossary. Something easier for newbies to understand than wiibrew.

    There's a difference between newbies and noobs. Noobs with a guide are dangerous, but a newbie that is interested in learning could profit from such a guide. The modern guides are getting better and better, but there is still some room for improvement. When I first hacked my wii, I followed some shady guide that I found who knows where. It was only months later that I actually started learning things, and it took months to get to a decent level of understanding. It'd be nice for newbies if they had a resource they could learn from, so that they can at least understand what they are doing.

    Of course, this is easier said than done. That's probably why there isn't one yet. But I would be glad to see one.