Suggest your favorites, be creative no SNES ports or established franc

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    Topic really says it all. Can you think up some great games you'd say would be worth a pick up and play that aren't the overly suggested popular junk like Mario, Final Fantasy, Megaman, Castlevania, and so on? Also, what would you say they'd be fairly worth to pick up for those who don't just grab ROMs and use dev kits or emulators.

    I just want to try and build a database done entirely by gamers here so people can suggest stuff that would have likely gone unnoticed and probably did by the media too as it wasn't something worth bribing for a 8+/10 rating. I'll suggest a few to get it started...

    (Mr Driller 2) -- Great puzzle game that has its own action element. Has a battery backup that saves all sorts of stats and unlockables which is a nice bonus. Strangely enough for a puzzle game they budgeted out for a lot of speech for all the cute/goofy story it has. The game can be hard, but that is good as the design keeps you coming back for more. (I'd pay: $10-12)

    (Wing Commander Prophecy) -- Unique (for GBA) title in that it's a fully 3D polygonal space combat flying game on a handheld that is a fairly well done copy of a PC game. There are 3 difficulty settings to make things even nastier, and it has quite a few stages with a good story you can read between the stages you play out. Solid 3D engine, lots of in flight verbal chatter, has a steady framerate too which is key. This game will wow you with good gameplay backed with a 3D world you didn't think the system should be doing but does. (I'd pay: $5-10)

    (F-Zero: Climax) -- JP IMPORT so harder to find, and it is a sad thing too as it really is the only great F-Zero game for the GBA as the third time really was the charm. Large supply of craft to use, many great courses, fantastic visuals and audio, and the gameplay is well refined and handles sharply. All those iffy issues that kind of brought down the first two in the series are fixed up here, and there's more meat to go around especially with the ability to make and save up to 20 courses onto the cart! (I'd pay: $20-30 depending used/new)

    ...those are 3 suggestions I'll start with for the post and i hope more of you can suggest things too. I for one may even buy your suggestions if you give some good ones and I know others would love to know some overlooked or forgotten gems that don't get brought up. I know there is this:
    This lists some but I was wanting something more creative beyond their ideas as those still were popularized in the media for the most part.
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    Drill Dozer

    A really well put together platformer where you control Jill, a girl in a robot suit thing that has drills for arms. Throughout the game you have use the drills for things like latching onto lifts. The drill also gets more powerful as you go through the level, through the use of gears which allow the drill to run for longer. It's short, but it also has replay value in treasure collection and a hard mode where one hit kills you, as opposed to being able to take 20-30 hits in normal mode. As a bonus, the real cart has a rumble feature that kicks in when you start drilling. (I'd pay about $30-$40AUD.)
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    Ninja Five 0/Ninja cop
    A solid platformer with a decent difficulty curve.

    Medabots (not AX)
    A nice RPG title, not without flaws but good none the less.

    Minna no soft tetris-
    Tetris Advance was fairly shocking and this make the best commercial offering.

    Eggo mania:
    A nice puzzler, cross between tetris and rampart.

    I could go on for a while but I need to do stuff today.
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    Sabre Wulf, Denki Blocks, Guru Logic Champ, Zooo and Zoocube.

    Or just skip to the second and third essentials lists.
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    ^That is nice, but it just gives votes, no reason why really the games are worth the score nor what they'd be worth to a consumer in value. That's why I kind of went this way about it with the super mini sized reviews of just a couple lines of 'why' in them with a total.
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    Bit generation's are a great series

    Granted some of them are quite boring

    A Odd puzzle game that i can't seem to get enough of
    And semi hard to figure it out the first time but goal is to turn the dial's to make a 6 sided Hex Shape (reason it's called hex)
    DO that more pieces fall down (sound's easy it's not)

    Think Tron light cycle's

    Boundish (if on flash cart or GB Player and get a friend to play)
    it's Pong 2.0 with physic's/trajectory's

    I don't even know how to describe this one

    There semi Home brew since Nintendo actually let there designer's make some games