Sudokuhax (DSiWare) not working on EUR (only USA)

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    Dec 7, 2016
    sorry for my english... :wink:

    Seems that the .app and .sav (.bin) that plaitect posted on his post its only for USA systems. it's working at the moment, but doesn't in europe.

    In cfw system works, and open dgtools correctly, but when I transfer the games to non-cfw system, sudoku dissapear in the home-menu, but still in system programs > dsi ware.
    And if that system with hidden sudoku, we manage to install cfw with old exidia/field, hidden sudoku reappears in home menu.

    So we think that the problem its .app and .sav
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    Try injecting EU sudoku v0 then? And by v0, I mean one dumped from a dsi.
    The exploitable versions of sudoku were never released on 3ds.

    I don't see why you couldn't use different injected EU dsiwarehax as well, just know that the different save/.app sizes may not provide great compatibility.