Stylus to D-Pad Fix for All NDS Games (Desmume)

Discussion in 'NDS - Emulation and Homebrew' started by yeshuachrist, May 24, 2015.

  1. yeshuachrist

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    Desmume does not allow the Left Click Mouse Button to be Assigned to More then One Joystick key Normally!!!

    Using "Xpadder", I've assigned the "Left Click Mouse Button", to both the "Joystick A" button, and to the "Right Joystick". I've double assigned the "Left Click and Keyboard C" button to my "Joystick A". Now Desmume is has the A button Assigned to "Keyboard C", so now Desmume detects the "Left Mouse Click on the Stylus from both "Joystick A", and the "Right Joystick". (Make Sure Desmume is assigned to "Keyboard C", not to any Joypad button, because Desmume will lock one button to the Left Mouse Click, if you don't assign it to a Keyboard button instead).

    Mouse Movement is assigned to the "Left Joystick", these games work great using the Joypad instead of a Stylus or a Computer Mouse.

    Blue Dragon Plus
    Final Fantasy 12 Revenant Wings
    Heroes of Mana
    Infinite Space
    Magical Starsign
    Summon Night - Twin Age
    (the Graphic Novel Games also)

    The Pokemon Capture Games that require very quick Stylus Movements are bothersome. I've upped the speed of the mouse using "Xpadder" for convenience, but still the Pokemon Stylus games are not that convenient, maybe there's some ar codes that can reduce the response time needed to draw circles or something, I don't know. The Castlevania game that uses the stylus for very quick movements, Castlevania Portrait of Ruin, makes using the joystick too bothersome for use with a joystick in place of the stylus, even after the ar code that completes the stylus movement with one or two valid strokes.
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