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    Mar 7, 2008
    so, that is a problem of play japanese games...I'm playing muramasa demon blade and stucked probably by don't know japanese, but, who knows

    first of all, I have choosen the blue option in both screens at the beginning of the game, of of them I know that is the male character

    I defeated the second boss, then I need to go back all the way that I did to reach that place...

    ...well, when I was going under a ladder, there was a problem...the format of the ladder was like this symbol ">"...I'm in the top of it, I drop from left to right, butt, when I should drop from right to left, I have a problem: The character don't go down in the ladder, he go up again...somebody knows how to help here?

    I think that somebody will understand the place...but, if nobody understand, I'll make a video from it and put here

    thanks guys
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