Stuck with Error 003

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by silverstar0815, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. silverstar0815

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    Jan 9, 2010
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    Hey guys,

    I am stuck on a Error 003 situation.

    I bought a Savemii but it does not do more than coming up with a black screen with 4.2(USA) in the lower right corner.
    Regardless which DVD I am injecting into the drive, it won't come up with any other.

    I have a KOR unit regionchanged and softmodded.

    Here are some question that I would appreciate getting answered from you. "[ x ] style"

    Q1: Does the update to 4.2 from KOR versions outside that region affect non-modded Wiis?
    A1: [ ] it does, so this screws up legal units as well and nintendo most probably will do something about it?
    A1: [ ] it doesn't, it only bricks modified units

    Q2: The "D-tree" in the Savemii FAQ says "wait for new discs". Does that mean I can expect my Wii to be unbricked by a disc containing system menu 4.3 or above?
    A2: [ ] that would work
    A2: [ ] that would only work for non-modded KOR units
    A2: [ ] dream on

    Q3: Is there a way to possible build a disc containing a fake system menu that carries a higher version number and that possibly unlocks my unit?
    A3: [ ] that could be done
    A3: [ ] dream on

    In general, having the Error 003 issue, what can I expect my Wii to be doing in this state?

  2. silverstar0815

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    Jan 9, 2010
    Gambia, The
    Hi there,

    I don't have a NAND backup. So i am officially screwed.
    I used the search function a lot, but answers to my questions (above) are not to be find obviously.

    Thanks anyway.

    What would have happened to a non-modded unit?

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    If he can get to the recovery menu with the savemii, can he wait until a retail disc with >4.2K comes out?

    Will that fix it?
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    That would...
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    A1: [x] it doesn't, it only bricks modified units
    A2: [x] dream on
    A3: [x] dream on

  6. giantpune

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    games updates are just a bunch of wad files. they don't touch the SYSCONF at all. you will need a way to get a exploitable game to boot. and then use that exploit to start some homebrew to either change the wii back to the right region, or install a system menu and a IOS that don't check for the 003 shit. but the ploblem with this is that there is not really a way to start a game without the wii first checking for that error.

    what is killing you right now is IOS70 and the korean key. as soon as IOS70 (which is loaded right after boot2 because 4.2 asks for it) sees the korean key, it returns a value to the system menu, and you get that error. so it looks like you should just send your wii to DeadlyFoez. you needs to use an infectious and set that wii up with a korean-ized nand or at least one with