Strongest DEFEATABLE being in fiction (possible spoilers)

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    I was watching some movies, and i was thinking: "Man, what kind of monster it's really a threat in any kind of fiction, but it has some flaws that let him destroy", i'm talking about enemies or heroes who has the greatest of the power, but with some flaws, disadvantages,etc. It's a defeatable being by an specific method, or any other strategy, and i mean, defeatable in big words, because there are some heroes/villains that are just impossible to defeat like GER, so, in my opinion, i have some candidates, one of the most impressives it's:
    Exdeath (Final Fantasy V and kinda Akame Ga Kill): The first enemy it's impressive, he has some beast moves, an excellent defense status, he has a base form really hard to put down, and for make things worse, he can control reality itself (kinda) so he almost killed the main cast, until they were saved by some souls, but that was another thing, the second form it's really awesome to watch and fight, and it's just simple hilarious that this it's a tree, a friggin deadly tree i must say.

    The second enemy it's someone less impressive, but who has some feats, she is an incredibly warrior, with incredible feats like: - Destroying armies like nothing
    - Able to drink something dangerous to a human being, and survive, and with that gain some new powers.
    - Kick the ass of some of the protagonists like butter
    - Ice powers, thanks to said beverage she consumed and her range of attacks it's quite open.
    - Freeze time, by reducing the temperature in her area, she can stop time for some seconds, and considering her brute force, fighting intelligence and bravery, this it's one of the best advantages she has, most people will say that with this she is impossible to defeat, and no, she is defeatable, Kasumi surpassed the time stop and could deal some damage to his enemy, so, she it's defeatable in that sense.

    I know it sounds almost ridiculous, since much enemies has great powers but they are defeatable, but i want to hear not any kind of enemies, i want to hear enemies that can deal with serious universal shit, or heroes aswell, that can defy some of the logic rules of the world with their powers, but even with that, are defeatable in a weird way, or conventional, you choose.
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    my only thoughts so far are goku and tengen toppa gurren laggan, but I think they categorise as undefeatable.
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    They are defeatable, but not exactly easy to beat either, TTGL had some problems fighting against other beings, and Goku was killed, not one, but twice in a row, so, they sure qualify as beings defeatable, it all depends on the timeline though.
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    I choose Jesus of Nazareth

    Jesus of Nazareth
    Notable attributes:
    1. He's Jesus
    2. He can slam dunk while sitting down
    3. Was murdered only to come back to life and say "Forget this shit, I'm going to Heaven forever. PEACE!"
    4. He's a total bad ass
    5. He's Jesus
    6. His Dad is God

    Undefeatable. Even if he came back from his golden palace in the clouds and did get killed, he would just come back to life 3 days later and kick some ass. He has eternal life.

    Yeah, I read about him in a book once. It's called Bible if I remember correctly.
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    I think Green Lanterns from DC fits, in most continuities. Their only real limit is their will and what they think is their limit, see Parallax. That said, DC writing tends to be inconsistent (though Marvel has problems as well, not playing favorites) and poor at times, not to mention it seems like the canon changes every time I check out a new story arc, so who knows anymore.