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    Mar 26, 2008
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    So I am very perplexed about something and I'm hoping someone here has discovered an answer through their tests.

    On several occasions, I've gone to McDonald's, had my 3DS in my pocket, and when I leave the restaurant 20+ minutes later, I have a StreetPass notification.

    However if I just sit in the parking lot for a couple minutes, nothing. I even open the 3DS to make sure it connects and says "Nintendo Zone available here", but while I watch it, nothing happens.

    Now, I was trying to create a private relay with a friend, and set my Android phone to the "attwifi" SSID. My phone's hotspot has a nice little notification that says when a device connects or disconnects. I know the 3DS is really stupid about how it does wi-fi connections (e.g. it will disconnect every time you start up a game, even the system settings, then reconnect after, spamming the heck out of the router with connect/disconnects)... but anyway, it looks like as soon as I close the 3DS, it disconnects from my phone's hotspot. Within about 10 seconds, anyway. And I left it sitting there for several minutes with no further reconnect notifications.

    It also didn't seem to connect on its own before I opened the 3DS and let it change from StreetPass to Internet.

    So I am curious, does the 3DS only check for Wi-Fi hotspots every X minutes when it's in sleep mode? It just seems weird that it always disconnects when I close it, that baffles my mind how the relay function can even work.
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