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    OK so I like stream everything to my 360 with Windows Media Player 11 on my Windows XP Pro PC. Just recently I repaired my windows with my installation CD and had to reinstall Windows Media Player 11.

    Everything I streamed before still works but not my videos. They don't show up at all on the 360. Before I had installed ffdshow for the video codecs to play mp4's and avi's so I uninstalled it and installed ffdshow tryouts.

    Still didn't work. I have my music and videos folder rite on my C: drive and are sharing the folders. I enabled media sharing even added the videos to my library.

    Still nothing, I deleted the folder and created a new one, moved all my videos there and shared that folder. Still nothing. I check over on my mom's Mac in the other room and she gets all my videos but not my 360. I don't understand what happened.

    I don't know what to do now to get this working. The shared folder doesn't even show up on the 360.

    But my music streams just fine.

    I noticed though that mp4 files that worked fine before I can no longer skip through and don't show the length of time on WMP. They play but I can't skip through them on the progress bar thing.
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    You have to download the optional Additonal Media Rights to the xb360. Once a year it also gets updated and u have to redownload it.

    On the computer end, download WECP. Windows ESS. Codec Pack will allow 99% of all media files to play on your computer.