Homebrew Strange series of problems with my Wii U and backups in it


Aug 15, 2019
A few months ago i used to have my Wii U in perfect conditions and my USB drive having stored some backups. I had haxchi, homebrew, everything correctly, and if i had to do anything i just used my usb drive with SD compatibility to check stuff.

Last month my brother told me EVERYTHING was gone. All of the backups installed into my USB were gone, and i had no idea why, because everything had worked perfectly up until this point. I checked and my USB now had absolutely nothing inside, no idea of why.
Yesterday I decided to try and get my backups into my Wii U again, and weird stuff starts happening, leaving my USB drive to put them in the install folder.
And when i went back to check, some games had duplicated, others were fine, some weird files had appeared, and worst of all, trying to delete, move or change anything made the USB reconnect and disconnect.
And lastly, with one backup that seemed to be normal, i tested it and went to try and install it (i managed to install some games last night). And even with my USB drive correctly inserted into my Wii U, Y cable, seemed properly working by the light on it, Wup installer didn't detect it anywhere.

I really don't know what to do now so i will ask it here, cause im starting to fear maybe my SD card or my USB drive have corrupted to no return point, or my Wii U is malfunctioning. Thanks for any help.
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